Through writing, we put words to our ideas. 
Through editing we find their meanings. 



Chelsey's statement: I don’t edit for writers, but with writers. Yes, I’ll make changes and comments and suggestions and omissions and give you my educated opinions, but writing is a communal activity. It exists in an interactive space, a place where a writer can explore all types of creativity.

My job as your editor is to guide and shape your writing, to bolster what’s working and encourage it—and you—to keep going. You write. I observe, engage, and respond. Then together we comb out the tangles and add in some conditioner—because that’s what working with me as your editor will be like: we’ll smooth out the rough drafts, give it all a solid foundation so then the story can continue to grow.

Really important note: There is one vital word that lives in the context of my editing services: affordable. Absolutely. My rates are ridiculously low and I keep them that way, because money shouldn’t come in between you and your writing. 

Other really important note that you're going to love: If you are interested in our services, you can send us a three-page sample of the project you want edited, and we will edit the sample for freeWe do this so that you can see if our edits will be helpful for you and your work. 



technical editing/design

Spencer's Statement:  In short, I bring the slash to this operation. My approach to technical editing/design starts with the technical writing process as it applies to your project:

  1. Determine your purpose and your audience
  2. Collect information pertinent to your project
  3. Organize and outline pertinent information of your project
  4. Write/design your first draft
  5. Revise/edit your early drafts into a consistent, yet remarkable final deliverable/creation

Maybe you're getting started on the first step: "I'm an author who wants a business card and bookmark to give to other authors and publishers." Perhaps you already have a first draft: "I like the look of this business card and want something like it." Regardless of where you are in the process, I can help.

I've spent 10 years in government, academic, high tech, and small start-up business environments in a professional capacity as a technical writer/editor, writing consultant, and employee/intern--I enjoy bringing that experience to the table for creative people, projects, and small organizations. I also do a little of my own creation and design for fun. In conclusion, I'm here to facilitate the transcendence of the creative input/technical output divide, hence the bringing of the slash.